Kids Fitness Summer Camp

Summer fitness fun!


Our specialty full day camp focus on activity, camper participation, building self-esteem, learning the value of exercise, and having the children be active participants without worrying about winning or losing, but achieving goals. Our main focus at KFP is to keep them active and burning calories through fun cardiovascular exercises, games, strength training and flexibility challenges. What sets us apart from any other camp is that we will spend time each day and teach your child the importance of nutrition, portion control and how to make good sensible food choices. Our first-rate staff will guide and encourage the campers regardless of their fitness or skill level. We find that positive reinforcement is our best tool for helping to slowly build the most important ingredient for a happy child… Self Esteem. The environment is always non-threatening, stress free and FUN! Promoting health is the best gift you can give your child for a long life and Kids Fitness Camp is the perfect start.

Not every kid is a “team sport” kind of kid. Here at K.F.P., we help with the realization that “fitness” IS a sport. You don’t have to be part of a team to enjoy the benefits of exercise…we just make it fun! We also offer optional inter-camp games and tournaments including volleyball, basketball, kickball, softball and soccer because learning to be part of a team is important too. There will also be non-physical activities each day including small nutritional education segments, arts and crafts and snack time. Each day a new theme will be introduced and incorporated on a daily basis into all of the lessons. They will learn about different health and fitness topics and participate in sharing their own ideas. By the end of summer your child will have covered facts on nutrition, exercise, heart and joint health and positive self-image … just to name a few.

Tons of Activities

At Kids Fitness Camps, we use proven activities that children enjoy most. From non-competitive team sports to individual opportunities for kids to grow, the fun and confidence building never ends! Each day there are five scheduled activity periods which feature instruction and group participation. Campers have the opportunity to select their favorite activity for one period each day. Regardless of the activities and sports our campers choose, they will benefit from the exposure to the fun and variety that can be experienced with children.

Mon thru Friday: 10am, 11am, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm

Indoor, fitness fun based classes. Getting fit can be fun when kids turn PLAY into EXERCISE and they do it with other kids. At kids Fitness Palace our group classes are the perfect fit for kids who need that extra push with a smile in a social setting. Kids burn off excess calories while learning social skills and interacting with other kids. They acquire knowledge on how to keep fit and most importantly healthy. They do so at their level and enjoy it.

At KFP we turn the concept of fitness into full fledge fun. While sticking to an intense workout kids will find the challenge is entertaining and before you know it time is up and they just finished an amazing workout. They will sweat, laugh, and strengthen their muscles and their minds at KFP. Your child will gain the confidence and learn to do things they didn’t think they could.

Each class includes warm up, cardiovascular exercises, strengthening and stretching. All movements and exercises are designed for growing bodies and are beneficial to your child’s development.

Don’t miss out on giving your child the opportunity to have blast working out, space is limited to 10 children per class…DON’T wait classes fill up quickly!

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