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I have been involved in athletics and exercise for the majority of my life. I grew up playing every sport imaginable. I went on to play college football at Mount Union College in Ohio where I was fortunate enough to be a part of 2 National Championship teams as a defensive back. In college I was also able to apply my passion for fitness and sports performance by receiving my B.S. in Exercise Science. I began personal training in 2004 in college and fell in love with it. After returning home from college I decided to further my knowledge by becoming an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. With my other passion being emergency medicine, I also became an Emergency Medical Technician and look forward to furthering my career in that area as well. I enjoy the opportunity that training gives me, by allowing me to take my love and passion for exercise and share it with others. I also love the one on one relationship I get to make with so many interesting people. I have worked with people from all training backgrounds and abilities; from highly trained athletes looking to improve their performance, to kids and Grandparents trying to improve their overall fitness levels. As a trainer, my ultimate goal is to improve your overall quality of life by helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. As your trainer I will do everything I can to help you reach those goals and help you have fun doing it.



Many would identify me with one of my true passions…the beauty of movement…exercise.

Since I was little, I was involved in different sport disciplines: Gymnastics, Volleyball, Tennis, Football (soccer) and even Basketball. I also loved to Dance. My feet could run to the sound of a faint or distant musical sound. At 15 years old, I learned to gain strength through physical training. It guided me to a greater lesson… “Perseverance”… My new war cry !

I am a passionate trainer. My methods begin with the transformation of thought. I have seen the result of saying “Yes!”, when everything seems to indicate “no”. I enjoy creating versatile workouts, routinely aiming for more advancement, and teaching how to practice good eating habits. I think we are all able to start over and commit to what is best for our health. Over the years, I have seen how bodies change, and how the interest in loving and respecting it either begins or increases. At the same time, this new realization changes both the way we see things and, in turn, our priorities.

I want with all my heart what I do, because I understood from a very young age, that what we value and care for most, is what requires dedication and effort.

I receive, with open and strong arms, all those who wish to renew themselves in an integral way: mind, soul and body; since these three have to be involved in sports and exercise. I always hope to anchor all my clients in these practical ideas. I am pleased to meet you and motivate you in the process.





 Ever since I was young, I always loved being active. I always had to be moving, whether it be running, biking, dancing, skateboarding, soccer, basketball, swimming, etc. As I got older, I stepped into a gym not realizing what I was getting myself into. After multiple gym memberships and failed fitness regimens, I decided to work with a personal trainer. That is the moment my true love for fitness was unleashed. Facing new challenges motivates to grow mentally and physically stronger, whether your goal be to gain muscle or build endurance. Growing up my dad was a professional chef so nutrition has always been an important role in my life. My biggest success in life will be making sure everybody around me and everyone I love is healthy and happy!


My goal is to help clients adopt exciting exercises that they love to improve their everyday lives. I strive to continue my education through modern research, workshops and different certifications. Everyday we learn something new whether it be somebody you work with or somebody you don’t know. Everyday is an opportunity to grow and become a better version of yourself!





I grew up a very active child, always outdoors, on the go, and testing my athletic abilities against my friends. I played youth football on and off from 7-13 years old. Although I was active and athletic, i remained very tall and lakney going into highschool, and struggled to gain size. I hated the feeling of being skinny! For some reason, it really bothered me. So I committed myself to gaining some lean body mass.


I began high school at 6’2 140 lbs and graduated at  6’2 185 lbs. During my highschool years of weight training I realized that fitness was my passion, and have stuck to it ever since. After graduating high school I decided to take up a pre med course curriculum in college, and obtained my associates degree in pre physical therapy. Continuing my education at Florida International University I am currently one class away from completing my Bachelors degree in Sports and Fitness, and considering continuing for a masters degree in exercise science. I am a certified personal trainer and certified strength coach by the National Council of Strength and Fitness. I enjoy using my knowledge and experience in exercise to design detailed programs for people specific to their needs and goals, to help them look, perform, and feel better.



I started working out in my junior year of High School. I was a skinny, yet out of shape teen at the time. Eventually, my interest sparked for learning all about the human body including the mechanics, how to grow the muscles, how to get stronger and how to increase athletic performance. I have strived to increase my knowledge about training and body mechanics. I work at the Baptist hospital as a registered nurse, I am certified with the NFPT and certified by the American Red Cross. 

I am confident that I have both the knowledge and expertise to take your child safely and competently through a workout regimen. Whatever their goal…be it strength, performance or even bouncing back from injury…I will get them to their goal!



Growing up, I was always overweight. Add onto that, self-conscious and unmotivated. Truth be told…I was a quitter – I never finished anything. I can count about 10 things that I was good at and thought I wanted to pursue but ended up giving up. From art, to tap dancing, to DJing, and the list goes on. My weight always got in the way of my self-confidence and my abilities. When I started college, I weighed in at my heaviest. Realizing how frustrated I was at that weight…how self-conscious I was…at that moment, something clicked in my mind. I realized at 18 years old, my health was seriously at risk. So for the first time in my life…I decided to stop giving excuses and do something about it…and I followed through! I hired a personal trainer, and within a year, I lost 80 pounds. But more than that, I found my passion. This new lifestyle lit a fire within me that I had never felt before. I knew right away this was my calling. Looking back, I wish I would have found my confidence sooner. However, things happen the way they do for a reason and I know now that if I can help people find their confidence, I’ve fulfilled my purpose.

I am now an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and I am always seeking ways to further my education, through research, workshops, and new certifications. I specialize in weight loss, strength, & conditioning. I also love to cook and can provide nutritional guidance to complement your exercise routine. If you are struggling to stick with a program or need help with weight loss or regaining your old shape back…I can help. I love what I do, and I can’t wait to help you reach your goals!



I have been athletic throughout my entire life, participating in gymnastics and track during my early years in school. I fell in love with weight training during my career in the army where I served as a Master Fitness Drill Instructor. The discipline and diligence that I applied during those years in the military I still use today. As a mother of three boys, my health and wellness are a vital part of my life. I am a CPR/NSCA certified personal trainer. I specialize in boot camps & kids fitness classes as well as personal training sessions that incorporate strengthening and toning, cardiovascular endurance and muscle building. My goal is to help my clients to obtain their optimum level of fitness and to have fun doing it. I believe that overall fitness, health and wellness have to come from a lifestyle change that incorporates proper diet and nutrition as well as a regular exercise regimen. I aim to provide fun, challenging and diverse sessions to maintain my own balanced state of wellness and to help clients achieve theirs.



I am high energy and fitness fixes my day each day. The activities that get the heart beating, the lungs breathing, and the blood pumping are my therapy to de-stress and to pro-gress. From little league baseball to high school wrestling, track, soccer, and cross country, I learned that warming up and cooling down, as well as doing each move correctly–like it or not– are essential to success on the court or track or mat.

I advanced to more demanding activities, gymnastics and weight training. At the age of 18, having never attempted anything more than a forward roll, I found an instructor who gave me the confidence to test my strengths and push my boundaries. I joined the University of Maryland Gymkana Troupe (Fall ’00/ Spring’01), where I participated in aerial acrobatics, parallel bars, and in a 2-person tumbling floor exercise. If I could be taught, I knew I could teach others who doubted their ability to “get physical”. I disposed of my preconceived notions of my limitations–because the only things that impeded my advancement were those erroneous ideas telling me “I can’t”. As I adopted a good work ethic, I progressed physically beyond what I’d ever thought possible because I saw each little success as a positive step.

My goal is to find for each client a few fitness favorites that s/he will adopt in a daily routine, and thereby will improve the quality of each of their lives. How did I get here? I’ve taught physical exercise in summer camps, boot camps, and private gyms ever since the Physical Improvement Bug got me. I have had my fair share of bumps, bruises, pulls, strains, sprains, and even worse, a few that required surgery and a physical therapy plan that spanned months not just days. After spending hours being the patient, I use what I had felt and learned and bring it to the healer’s side of things to empathize and encourage clients who become injured, whether it is a 4-year old who is rammed into by an over-zealous classmate, a would-be gymnast who falls of the balance beam, or an adult now limited due to a car accident. I believe that when we focus on each aspect of our workouts, we will be preventing injuries rather than trying to recuperate from them.



My Journey began many years ago when I was only 12 years old and I was getting ready for “Field day” at school. This was an event in which 5th and 6th graders at the school competed in various track and field Activities as well as team building events. Everyone was given new T-shirts for the occasion and we were told to go to the restrooms in groups of three to change. As we were changing the other two boys I went with started laughing at how skinny I was (you could literally count every bone in my body I was a very slim kid). Until this day, I can remember how shameful it felt to be laughed at because of my physical appearance and my self-esteem hit rock bottom. I can definitely identify with those who hurt emotionally because of what they look like on the outside. Many will say “what matters is what you look like on the inside” however most people you meet will not be around long enough to know who you really are and will judge you by what they see in front of them. That day I resolved that I would never be laughed at again and made fitness my life. I was only 12 y/o. In retrospect this memory is probably the most important reason why I have such a passion for helping others. Those boys were supposed to be my friends yet they made me feel like such an outcast…like I just didn’t fit in and I don’t want anybody to ever have to feel that way. It wasn’t until much later that I would learn the importance of fitness and health since I have a family history of Diabetes and Cancer on both sides of my family. I decided I had to make health, nutrition and fitness a way of life. I graduated from FIU with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science in 2004 and became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. American Council on Exercise® (ACE ®) is a nonprofit organization committed to America’s health and wellbeing. Over the past 25 years, they have become an established resource for both fitness professionals and consumers, providing comprehensive, unbiased, scientific research impacting the fitness industry and validating themselves as the country’s trusted authority on fitness. After Graduating I worked for Hardball Baseball (a local South Miami Sports training Center) for 6 months when I was promoted as Director of the Strength and Conditioning program. It was there where I learned to train large groups as local baseball, football, and swimming high school teams came in to train and enhance their skills. I have since specialized in weight loss training. I am very dedicated to health and fitness and I always seek new avenues in which to expand my fitness knowledge and offer more to you as a client. It gives me great satisfaction to see an individual reach their goals and improve their quality of life.



As a young child in Elementary School I was interested in Sports. I played basketball, football, softball and volleyball. I also ran track; I was the fastest girl in the fifth grade classes in my school. Nonetheless I was somewhat chubby. In my early teens I became bulimic/ anorexic. I recovered in my late teens, but my eating habits were still very poor. My self-esteem was very low and by 18 I started to get serious about exercising. Although I managed to lose the weight, my body fat was very high. I thought about becoming a nutritionist, but instead went into the field of Biology. My eating habits slowly began to improve, but I still didn’t see myself where I wanted to be fitness-wise. That’s when I thought about becoming a fitness coach… I wanted to gain more knowledge on how to improve my fitness level and also help others that were going through my same struggle. I can now say that it brings me lots of joy to help people accomplish their fitness goals. With my knowledge in Biology, nutrition and workout programs, I’ve been able to help individuals of various ages – senior citizens, middle age, young adults and kids– improve their strength, lose weight, increase their muscle mass and make wiser food choices. My determination is to become a better coach every day and be able to inspire more people. I believe that if you take care of your body you will be a better person in every aspect of your life. Just do it!!!



I am highly passionate about helping people set and achieve goals. Struggling with obesity from early childhood until my late 20’s has given me insight and a first-hand knowledge of “the struggle”. Having to overcome my personal urges and overcome my weight issues, I understand both the downfalls and possibilities of not only a workout regimen, nutritional support, and social support. When you have had enough, believe in yourself enough, and have the right support – the possibilities are endless. Born and raised here in Miami and have been in the fitness industry four years. I am NASM Personal Training Certified + Corrective Exercise Specialist aspiring to become a motivational speaker and help as many people look good and feel better as possible. If you are ready to make that change, there is no better time than today!



I have been training for over 20 years. Watching clients achieve their personal goals is my biggest reward. I am passionate about what I do and help motivate my clients and hold the accountable to their stated goals. Always keeping it lighthearted but focused.

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