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Owner,  Trainer
I am an accomplished Soccer player and NATURAL bodybuilder. I have played just about every sport on a competitive level. I played for the Cayman Islands National Soccer team for 7 years and played varsity soccer for the University of West Florida for 2 years. I have won 11 bodybuilding titles and shows, including overall titles at 2002 MuscleMania Florida and 2002 NGA United States National Bodybuilding Championships. Married and the father of two. Received my BS in Marketing from Florida State University and I am AFTA certified. Married and the father of two, I have been working out for the past 22 years, personal training individuals for the past 18 years, and competed for 8 years. Having worked out for over 25 years, I have seen many things come and go in the fitness industry. However, one thing that has not changed is the search for quality information and guidance when it comes to working out, losing weight, and/or building muscle. For years I have had people coming up to me asking various questions on losing weight, eating, and how to gain muscle. In 2001 I decided to make plans to leave the corporate setting, completely enter the fitness industry and open my own facility. One where you can rest assured that you will be treated like family and will be given value for your time and money. We effectively help people reach their goals in a fun, light, cleanly, stress free environment. Precision Personal Training was opened in 2003…which is over TEN years of helping families reach their goals. Ten years of seeing people achieve goals they themselves didn’t think they could. If you are serious about finally reaching your goals. Come to the BEST! Your search is over.


Owner, Trainer
I first stepped foot in a gym my freshman year at Florida State and instantly fell in love…In love with both the feeling that doing weights gave me and…with my then boyfriend and now husband…Marlon. All those competitions you may have read about in his Bio…I was there for every pain staking moment! I was coach, training partner, food preparer, choreographer and cheerleader. I lived vicariously through him until I finally got the nerve to do a figure competition of my own. MY biggest battle was Courage. I didn’t know it was a National Qualifier, that’s probably why I did it…and I placed 7th in 24 women. I was VERY proud that I didn’t faint on stage. Before I could avenge my placing the next year, we found out I was pregnant with our first child who caused me to enter the world of Pilates. I needed something to help my ‘out-of-place’ hips and really enjoyed the new style of workout I got doing Pilates. I studied under Nicole Perkovich, who was the facilitator and creator of the materials for the Physical Mind Institute. She has since begun her own certification program and is an amazing Master trainer. I am most grateful for the new way she taught me to see the human body and for providing me with tools to help change peoples’ weakest links. We have since had another little one… so to all the women out there who know how difficult it is to get back in shape after kids and during what seems like the craziest part of your life…you can do it! We’d love to help!

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