Does Your Child Have a Weight Problem?

We as parents know the basics. We know about obesity and the physical, health and social problems an overweight child will face. We know about Type II diabetes and the health problems it will cause, not to mention the deteriorated quality of life. But what many parents don’t understand is the genuine fear and embarrassment of being picked last in games and team sports. We don’t always understand the fear of ridicule by their peers, who aren’t shy in insisting, “you suck!” Many of us parents don’t understand how rampant and destructive the constant bullying is in schools these days. Even driving our children to the extremes of suicide in some cases.

Here begins the downward spiral. Our child may feel they are not good at something, so they never try (something we, as parents, often brush off as shyness), and because they never try, they will never get better. They become introverted during playtime when children bond, and now they find it harder to make friends. Eventually, they may become the target of name-calling and their self-confidence continues to take hit after hit.

Soon you have a child that may be developing a weight problem, because they never move, and they eat what normal kids eat, and now, moving will just become harder because they are gaining weight. Which then causes them to feel different and depressed, enabling them to become a bigger target. Ultimately, this leaves both the child and parent feeling frustrated and very often fighting.

The “weight” we see on the outside is, more often than not, a “symptom” of several different factors. It isn’t always because the child is lazy. And let’s be honest: 99 percent of the time, the child is not shopping for or cooking their own fattening food. So, how do we help them?

Sure group sports and activities are helpful, if, of course, you don’t have a child struggling with their abilities and confidence. But sadly, many parents have not been exposed to other options. Ballet and karate are wonderful skills, but classes may not always get them the cardio needed to burn off the excess calories and fat.

Here at Kids Fitness Palace, we believe we have stumbled on a formula that works for kids of all abilities and “labels.”

Register your child today in one of our awesome fitness programs. There is a solution. Call us and Give the gift of health today.