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The “weight” we see on the outside is, more often than not, a “symptom” of several different factors. It isn’t always because the child is lazy. and let’s be honest: 99 percent of the time, the child is not shopping for or cooking their own fattening food. So, how do we help them? Sure group sports and activities are helpful, if, of course, you don’t have a child struggling with their abilities and confidence. But sadly, many parents have not been exposed to other options. Ballet and karate are wonderful skills, but classes may not always get them the cardio needed to burn off the excess calories and fat. In team sports, as kids get older, and the skills attained by other children who have been playing a sport from a young age, creates a huge divide from those who may want to start playing, create an unfair advantage is realized by the newer kids. Then, you as a parent can’t figure out why they don’t want to participate. The answer is easy. Here at Kids Fitness Palace, we believe we have stumbled on a formula that works for kids of all abilities and “labels.”
Getting your child to be active may pose as a difficult task for some parents. Kids sometimes don’t react well to being pushed by their parents. That’s where we come in to ease the burden and stress. We offer group classes that appeal to all kids, but is tailored to those who may not particularly like to exercise, need more activity, are socially shy, or may just need self-confidence. Now, exactly how do you get those children to participate in a health program like ours? Our key to success is in providing these kids with a program that is so much fun, they don’t even realize they are moving and burning calories. Most importantly, they are learning and building new or better habits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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