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Our Kids Sports Specific programs serve a wide variety of purposes. This program is tailored for developing bodies and will help prepare them for another level, while improving their current sport. Because this program is quite structured, we start our Kids Sports Specific one-on-one program at 9 years old. While we do not work on particular sports mechanics such as catching, dribbling, pitching, or shooting…we do focus on improving the core mechanics of speed, agility, strength, conditioning, and core strength.

If would like to start your child off with the correct way to perform exercises and would like your child to stand out, this is the program for you! If you need your child to jump higher, run faster, better reaction time, improve their balance we can help. Depending on your need, we will evaluate your child to see what their strengths and weaknesses are and build a program just for them. Would you like your child to be able to dunk? Do they need that burst of speed to pull away from the defense? Is your child too heavy and just runs to slow? Reserve your complimentary session today and see the real potential of your child!

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