Kids Personal Training

Personal training for kids in Pinecrest, Miami

Kids Personal Training

Ages 10 to 17

By appointment only

Monday through Saturday

Kids Personal Training

Personal Training for Kids & Teens

our mission is your child's success

Our KIDS personal training program is tailored to your child’s fitness goals, personality, weaknesses and strengths so they can get the correct training for their developing bodies and confidence for their growing minds.

We can help your child succeed with:

Weight loss

Sports specific training

Doctor recommendation

Strength training

Speed training

Self defense


Cardiovascular conditioning

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kids & parents we love you back

Nathan really enjoys coming. In sports, he has always asked, “Do I really have to go?” Now, when it is time to go, he is ready with his sneakers on and his water bottle in his hand! He’s been losing about 1 pound a week! I would definitely recommend to other parents.

Our Wall of Love

This is about the only place where my kids really get into and love the exercise program. Highly recommend.

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My son wasn’t looking forward to going at all after the first class he was looking forward to going again. They really motivate the kids and make it worth their time.

Groupon Reviews

My daughter just love this place, awesome instructors, great nutrition information along with each class. Lots of fun! Plus 8 lb less in two months!! Very happy!

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kids fitness personal training

Let your child give us a try

Depending on your preferred length and frequency of the sessions, we can offer you the best package that fits your budget and your child’s particular goals.

Our best tip is to have your child try one of our complimentary sessions. This way we can assess your child’s fitness level, and you can check out our facility, learn about our prices and how our program works its magic.


are invitedto the gym kids in Miami love ❤️pssst. we gotta special place waiting for you!

Does your child think he doesn't like working out?

Perhaps she's somewhat overweight and feels self-conscious going to a fitness class?

We get it's often hard for a growing kid to feel he fits in. Not to mention teenagers! They're still searching for their own identity & place in the world.

That's exactly why our team of certified personal trainers goes out of its way to make your child feel welcomed and encouraged, no matter their weight, age or skill level.

So c'mon over to our Palace, a fun and safe place for your kid to just be a kid. Your child's first workout is on us!