Teen Personal Training

Children’s fitness classes in Pinecrest, Miami

Teens Personal Training

Ages 12 to 18

Small group classes available

Monday through Friday

Teen Personal Training

This program is a little more structured and provides more support to teenagers that are athletic, non-athletic, overweight, bullied, sedentary or have special needs.

After a fitness evaluation, we tailor the program to your child own goals, building on his or her own skills and strengths.

We will work with your schedule, budget, and child’s personality to create the perfect program, so that your teen can build precious self-confidence experiencing what he/she is capable of, enjoy their newfound skills and have a blast all along!

How does it work?

If you’d like your child to get the undivided attention of a professional trainer … much more so than fitness classes can give them, then this is the program for you.

Simply set up an appointment for a complimentary workout today. This first session also works as an assessment of your child’s condition.  We can then customize a fitness program just for him or her.

Get Your Teen Succeeding

Our intention with our personalized program is for your child to succeed in their health and fitness skills.

And by providing your teen a program they can succeed at, they can’t help but to hike up their self-confidence and belief in themselves.

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Nathan really enjoys coming. In sports, he has always asked, “Do I really have to go?” Now, when it is time to go, he is ready with his sneakers on and his water bottle in his hand! He’s been losing about 1 pound a week! I would definitely recommend to other parents.

Our Wall of Love

This is about the only place where my kids really get into and love the exercise program. Highly recommend.

Groupon Reviews

My son wasn’t looking forward to going at all after the first class he was looking forward to going again. They really motivate the kids and make it worth their time.

Groupon Reviews

My daughter just love this place, awesome instructors, great nutrition information along with each class. Lots of fun! Plus 8 lb less in two months!! Very happy!

Groupon Reviews


are invitedto the gym kids in Miami love ❤️pssst. we gotta special place waiting for you!

Does your child think he doesn't like working out?

Perhaps she's somewhat overweight and feels self-conscious going to a fitness class?

We get it's often hard for a growing kid to feel he fits in. Not to mention teenagers! They're still searching for their own identity & place in the world.

That's exactly why our team of certified personal trainers goes out of its way to make your child feel welcomed and encouraged, no matter their weight, age or skill level.

So c'mon over to our Palace, a fun and safe place for your kid to just be a kid. Your child's first workout is on us!