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I highly recommend them!!!

For so long I couldn't find a fitness facility that catered to childrens fitness until now! Although they are far from my home and work its well worth it! My daughter has been coming to Kids Fitness Palace since June and she absolutely enjoys working out with Denise and Mabelle three times a week. They are truly serious on childrens fitness while making the routines different and fun each and everytime. I too have joined their Semi Private Women's fitness classes and Sonja (my Trainer)is a force to be wrenkened with! Everyone is so knowledgeable on Fitness and nutrition and is always there to help reach your fitness goals. I highly recommend them!!!

Clara Hernandez

I tried many times to talk, motivate and excite him …


Age: 14

“When you watch your children grow, your hopes and dreams for them are simple, to be HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND HAPPY. Unfortunately, as parents all we can do is hope and pray for them to make those dreams a reality. As a health conscious person myself and one who struggled as a child the same age as Etyi, I tried many times to talk, motivate and excite him about exercising and eating well. But he fought me the whole way and didn’t respond to my instructions. I realized that he needed to be the one to realize it and with the help of someone “outside the box”, he could commit to change. Josue, one of the incredible trainers at Kids Fitness Palace was able to give Etyi what he needed, self-confidence, motivation, and the desire to be better! Etyi’s results were and continue to be INCREDIBLE! THANK YOU to all of you at KIDS FITNESS PALACE!!!”



Tara, parent

Precision is great...


Age: 17

Started so he could gain strength, lose weight and get in shape for baseball season.

“ Precision is great. I needed to gain strength and lose weight and they came up with a workout that fit my needs.”


I’m impressed by...


Age: 14

Started so that he could get fit and have more energy.

“I’m impressed by the change in Brandon. He has more energy and now enjoys playing sports outside.  I see a change in him. He now understands how important it is to stay fit. I’m very proud of him.”

Brandon’s Mom

I wanted to try the Women’s Semiprivate training…

Administrative Assistant

Age: 42

Child: 10

“After my daughter started participating in the Kids Fitness Program, I wanted to try the Women’s Semiprivate training. After a couple of weeks I started to notice the change in my body and I got hooked. Armando has been a wonderful trainer, always encouraging me to give it my all. Thank you PPT!!”



He’s been losing about 1 pound a week!...


Age: 11

Nathan really enjoys coming. In sports, he has always asked, “Do I really have to go?” Now, when it is time to go, he is ready with his sneakers on and his water bottle in his hand! He’s been losing about 1 pound a week! I would definitely recommend to other parents.”


Anna, parent

My son has lost 10lbs with the program and loves going there…


Age: 10

I searched the Internet and found Kids Fitness Palace. Even though it was a bit far away from my home, I take my son 3 times a week. My son has lost 10lbs with the program and loves going there. We have tried all kinds of other sports – karate, baseball, track and field, soccer, basketball but my son does not enjoy sports. I think we finally found something he really enjoys and actually likes coming to!”


Maria, parent

Thank you Kids Fitness Palace!!!...


Age: 8

“Thank you Kids Fitness Palace!!! Because of your training with Kiara she is improving on her swim time and came in 4th at her last meet. She is much more flexible and stronger in the water, and that’s only after 1 month! I can’t wait to see how she does after 2 months!!!”



My son was not very motivated with fitness…


Age: 15

“My son was not very motivated with fitness. I trained with Precision Personal Training myself and wanted to get my son on track, as his weight was out of control. Great for adults and kids! My son loves coming to workout. I never thought he would like it so much. His trainer Josue is great!”


Isabel, Parent

They have really helped me…


Age 17

“This gym is a great facility to workout in. The trainers are all extremely nice, but will still push you too your limit. Trust me on this one. They have really helped me understand how to eat and workout better.”



My son is not a very big sports fan...


Age: 9


“I was looking on the web for something like this since my son is not a very big sports fan. From the very first day Raul has been very happy doing exercise here. I love this kids gym and it is really a Kids Fitness Palace. I would highly recommend this place to parents who have kids who struggle with a weight problem because it is perfect for good habits and the learn how to play, exercise and enjoy working out.”

Yubi, parent

My child looks forward to coming…


Age: 9

“Staff is very friendly. My child looks forward to coming here every week. He comes out sweaty”

Jorge, parent

Alex is great with my son …

Age: 14

“The trainer Alex is great with my son. He treated him like an adult. Relating well for both his physical and emotional needs as a teen”


Barbara, Parent

I’ve come to realize that my child is not alone…


Age: 10

I’ve come to realize that my child is not alone in the sense of losing weight. I am glad that I came across Kids Fitness Palace’s ad via mail. I can honestly say that we are very happy here and that we are seeing a difference!”


Inez, parent

Since I started exercising here I’ve felt stronger, healthier…


Age: 13

Ever since I started exercising here I’ve felt stronger, healthier and I have more energy. My trainer is ALWAYS encouraging to me to keep coming and eat healthier and it has helped me reach my goal.”



My 3 kids also workout here…


Age: 43

Mabelle has been an incredible trainer. She has focused on core strengthening and toning. I feel a lot stronger and she has motivated me to keep working out for almost an entire year!! My 3 kids also workout here. Love her!”



Grant has lost 21 lbs! And looks forward to coming…


Age: 9

“We began KFP with the advise of a doctor. Grant has lost 21 lbs! And looks forward to coming. He feels so much better about himself and his self-esteem has sky rocketed. At first he didn’t want to come but after the first lesson he couldn’t wait. Everyone here made him feel welcomed. His coach at school has told me that he sees him participating a lot more. I would recommend KFP to anyone who wants their child to feel healthier and a better physical ability.”


Megan, parent

My clothes are looser …

Writer, Tutor, Grad Student

Age: 25

“After my first month, I saw a radical difference. My clothes are looser and some that I haven’t been able to wear FINALLY fit beautifully. It’s totally worth dragging my self out of bed early to go. Everyone there is so friendly. I’m addicted. I love it here and look forward to many more workouts in the future.”



I have always been a runner, but I’ve never been100% happy with …


Age: 23

I wasn’t getting the results and look I wanted by just doing cardio

“I am so happy with my experience at Precision. I have always been a runner, but I’ve never been100% happy with my results. Since I’ve started training, I’ve not only shed 6 pounds of FAT, in a month, but I’ve also improved my running time. I’ve gone from 11:30 minute miles to 9:40 minute miles.I couldn’t be more excited! THANK YOU!"



I've never really worked out before…


Age: 27

“I've never really worked out before, so the thought of going to the gym was always overwhelming to me. Precision Personal Training has made it so easy for me to get in shape! I work with an amazing trainer twice a week and after a month I feel stronger, look more toned, have improved posture and I feel more energetic!”



I have struggled with my leg and foot and have gone through …


Age: 33

“Ever since I was little, I’ve had problems with my left leg & foot. 3 surgeries later I was literally in desperate need of getting some mobility and strength back in my leg/foot, at the same time getting motivated to workout again and get in shape.

“I thank God literally everyday I get up to workout. For years I have struggled with my leg and foot and have gone through multiple trainers who have taken my money, not cared, saw no results and not even dedicated to help you.  I needed help. At Precision Personal Training, the whole staff is great. Each trainer is unique, each willing to motivate the clients to get in shape, at the clients convenience and make it fun. They all focus on it!

A totally different person after my workouts! My mood is a 360* turnaround.  I am truly grateful for my trainer Alex!  He has been my lifesaver. He has helped me get back some mobility and I have gotten so much strength back that I can’t thank him enough. He is super dedicated and knowledgeable, cares, and has great passion for what he does in each session. His circuit trainings are based on what I can do due to my limitations and pushes me, at the same time, to meet my needs and goals. You see results. I find myself doing exercises I thought I was never able to do or was never pushed or motivated to do.  I’ve had a lot more energy too!  I will continue to fully get my mobility and strength back thanks to Alex. He is the Best!”



She is learning the importance of eating healthy …


Age: 7

“Great experience for Aniah. She is learning the importance of eating healthy and the benefits of exercising.”


Nicole, Parent

The gym is fun …


Age: 14

“I like how they do the training at your pace. The gym is fun but at the same time you get a workout with results.”



I actually enjoy coming! …


Age: 13

“This is my first real gym.  When I have to come, I’m never too tired or busy.  I actually enjoy coming! The results to me are amazing. I feel confident and more energized. It’s  also easier for me in P.E.. I LOVE it here!!”


We are happy with the personnel, cleanliness…


Age: 13


Our son joined Precision 3 weeks ago and we are happy with the personnel, cleanliness of the facilities and knowledge of the personnel.



I would wholeheartedly recommend Alex to…

Home Maker

“Alex has been a life saver. I have worked with him for close to a year and I can honestly say I have not worked with someone as knowledgeable and dedicated as he is. Alex will push you and encourage you without overburdening you. I enjoy that he brings a holistic approach to getting in shape. “Health over exercise and emotional support” he says. He is very passionate about his work and works with your body for results. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alex to anyone who is serious about starting a workout program where results are inevitable.”



I wanted to lose Baby weight from my 2nd and to get in-shape…

Home Maker

Age: 32

“I finally found a place where I feel comfortable working out. The people are all professional and amazing to be around. I look forward to going in to reach my fitness goals.”


This place is awesome!…


Age: 17

“The training is great, the management is great, the shakes are great…what else can you ask for?  This place is awesome!”



It is great to find a gym that will allow my 12 year old…

Stock Broker

Age: 57

“It is great to find a gym that will allow my 12 year old and myself to train together. Our workouts have brought us more time together.”


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