Age: 14

“When you watch your children grow, your hopes and dreams for them are simple, to be HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND HAPPY. Unfortunately, as parents all we can do is hope and pray for them to make those dreams a reality. As a health conscious person myself and one who struggled as a child the same age as Etyi, I tried many times to talk, motivate and excite him about exercising and eating well. But he fought me the whole way and didn’t respond to my instructions. I realized that he needed to be the one to realize it and with the help of someone “outside the box”, he could commit to change. Josue, one of the incredible trainers at Kids Fitness Palace was able to give Etyi what he needed, self-confidence, motivation, and the desire to be better! Etyi’s results were and continue to be INCREDIBLE! THANK YOU to all of you at KIDS FITNESS PALACE!!!”