Your results are equal to the level of intensity in workout

In other words, you get what you give when it comes to exercise and results… and really everything in life if you think about it.

When you simply go through the motions, while staying in your comfort zone, the results will always be a …hope for tomorrow and not today’s reality.

What exactly do I mean when I say intensity?

Intensity is a measure of how much energy you’re expending while exercising. The harder you push yourself, the higher your intensity. When you’re simply going through the motions of a routine, without digging down and giving it your all, the workout has low intensity and your results will disappoint. We know how hard it is to get these kids of ours to be passionate about anything outside of their computers, ccell phones or videogames…but we as their guiders have to help inspire them to take their health and strength into their own hands.
Ask them to pay attention to how they feel while they are exercising. Could they be working harder? If their honest answer is yes, then implore them to step it up a notch. It’s worth it… they don’t understand yet why…but we do. Help them to stay inspired because by the time they DO understand (middle school into high school)…it will be too late because change does not happen overnight.

In addition to seeing awesome results more quickly there is also the added benefit of the ‘after-burn’ experienced after an intense workout. Simply put, this means that their bodies will continue to burn extra calories long after they have finished exercising. Talk about supercharging their results! Just imagine how quickly their bodies could transform when they begin to harness the power of exercise intensity.

One thing to remember—it’s important that we never sacrifice proper form in favor of intensity. As soon as your form starts to be compromised, reduce your intensity to where proper form is achieved.

I’m here to help your kids transform their bodies (and their whole life!) through the power of fitness.

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