Kids Fitness Summer Camp

Summer fitness fun!


60 Minute Fitness Classes/ Individual one-on-one Personal Training

Mon thru Friday: 10am, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm


Indoor, fitness fun based classes. Getting fit can be fun when kids turn PLAY into EXERCISE and they do it with other kids. At kids Fitness Palace our group classes are the perfect fit for kids who need that extra push with a smile in a social setting. Kids burn off excess calories while learning social skills and interacting with other kids. They acquire knowledge on how to keep fit and most importantly healthy. They do so at their level and enjoy it.

At KFP we turn the concept of fitness into full fledge fun. While sticking to an intense workout kids will find the challenge is entertaining and before you know it time is up and they just finished an amazing workout. They will sweat, laugh, and strengthen their muscles and their minds at KFP. Your child will gain the confidence and learn to do things they didn’t think they could.

Each class includes warm up, cardiovascular exercises, strengthening and stretching. All movements and exercises are designed for growing bodies and are beneficial to your child’s development.

Don’t miss out on giving your child the opportunity to have blast working out, space is limited to 10 children per class…DON’T wait classes fill up quickly!

We offer personal training for both athletic and non-athletic kids. Have your child work on strength, agility, speed and or just stay in shape for the summer. However, we do realize that not every kid is a “team sport” kind of kid. Here at K.F.P., we help with the realization that “fitness” IS a sport. You don’t have to be part of a team or play a sport to enjoy the benefits of exercise…we just make it fun!

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